Aura from Another Planet
Aura from Another Planet
Hangul 버프소녀 오오라
Genre Comedy, Supernatural, Shoujo, School Life
Author Kyusam Kim
Publisher Naver

Aura from Another Planet (버프소녀 오오라 Aura from Another Planet) is an ongoing supernatural-comedy Korean webtoon written and illustrated by Kyusam Kim. The series was first released on December 23rd, 2014. It is now on Webtoon and updates weekly on Tuesdays/Thursdays/Saturdays, depending on where you live.

The chapters are pronounced in the actual manhwa as 'Episodes'.

Synopsis Edit

Aura is a certified buff spell caster from Planet Leviathan that came to earth by a portal accident. She attends school on earth as a way of adapting, and never fails to find friends, old alien frenemies, and troubles with her buff spells.

Central Characters Edit


Aura is the protagonist of Aura from Another Planet. She is a alien who came from the Planet Leviathan with her brother and has no choice but to settle on Earth. Back on Leviathan Aura's job was a Buffer, which enables her to cast buffs on herself and other people. She is currently enrolled into Seoul and is placed in the same class as Gosu and Zizi.

Gosu Go

Gosu is a human whom Aura has taken a liking to. He is exceptionally strong and is known as the "Chair King" but seems to have a lot of trouble in school, knowledgeably.

Jayce Jo

Jayce is scouted by Aura to join her Party as a Damage Dealer. He is used in puns a lot by Aura and is often looked down upon, either called 'stupid' or 'delusional'. He was a gangster back in junior high school and has lots of experience in fighting.

Zed Kim

Zed is also scouted by Aura to join her Party as a Damage Dealer. He is best friends with Jayce and always has his back in fights, becoming very violent. He is the quietist of the group. In terms of grades he is smarter and doesn't have to take re-tests.


Zizi is the school's bully and hates Aura because of her relationship with Gosu.

Episodes Edit

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